Bertha Mason

Bertha Mason was a scapegoat character whose fate was sealed by white-feminism. Her role is used to demonize women of colour primarily of Caribbean and African descent. In Victorian literature, black women were provided with demonic, often vampiric traits to discourage white men from interacting or courting them. My play attempts to put the story in her hands, or rather the hands of the black woman and expanding on the definition of feminism, exposing the mistreatment of the “demonic” woman/ Black women who were desired but forced to suffer because they are intimidating. It focuses strongly on the position of race and explores the historical significance of calling a black woman a vampire, forgetting the devastation caused by White Feminism. Black Women are being overlooked. Historically, this can be seen with the Suffrage Movement, when black people were used as the scapegoats for white women’s rights. As Black Lives Matter gains further traction and All Lives Matter continues to contradict black rights, we can see the same discord existing when it comes to the fight for women’s rights and the continued erasure of black women. I am attempting to show the resilient nature of black women in the face of the unimaginable

 Dramaturg: Dainty Smith, Toronto based Actor, Burlesque Performer, Playwright, Producer, and Speaker.  

I would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario, and Obsidian Theatre.

Queen Latifah Give Me Strength

Queen Latifah Give Me Strength depicts the raving madness that comes with being a Black woman, determined to be a vulnerable member of society, and requiring medical attention from a Doctor. After an exciting and anxiety-filled evening watching the 90s classic, Set It Off, featuring the incomparable Queen Latifah, the main character is faced with her strange connection to Queen Latifah, her “shadow,” as she mentions within the play. The imposed relationship enforced by the white gaze, based on the lack of representation of Black Women in Media. Primarily it’s about the character’s search for answers and hope, as she turns to an icon she had once forsaken.

Cancelled: 10 min workshop performance created with the support of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, as part of the Emerging Creators Unit in partnership with b current.


June 06, 2024 Freddie, is excited for his not so secret costume Surprise Party. It’s his 18th birthday. The real surprise is found just outside of the party where a group of demon hunters are sitting, waiting for Freddie, to arrive. 

Lost In Her

Wives navigating mental illness in a marriage. The intersections of gender, race, sexuality, and disability tackled with some comedy.